Essay writing task is worth the hassle for some students. This happens, because some students are not good at writing. What does that mean? It means they lack comprehension, creative thinking, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Students with strong comprehension skills can explain an essay topic successfully. Students with creative thinking skills are good at brainstorming. Similarly, students with robust analytical skills can create a clear picture in the minds of readers, and students with vigorous critical thinking skills can winningly persuade readers.

So, students can master certain skills if they try writing an essay on their own. Students who are poor at essay writing should not think that they cannot write an essay on their own. If they effort a bit to create an essay, then they will realize that essay writing task is not that difficult as they think it is. It is better than a weak student do not ask others: Will you do my essay or do my essay fast? If students follow the following 5 tips, then they can become an efficient essay writer:

(1) Students should start believing that they can create a good essay, as believing it can make them a confident writer.

(2) If students are given the opportunity to choose the topic themselves, then they should pick a topic that is, interesting for them.

(3) Brainstorming demands time; however, it can help students come up with sufficient ideas for their essays.

(4) Creating an outline can set the roadmap for students to write an essay successfully.

(5) Taking help of peers to proofread an essay can be of great help.

Hopefully, students who are poor at essay writing can do well with their essay writing tasks if they follow the preceding tips for essay writing. The question is: Are you a poor student or savant? If you are a genius, then you definitely do not need to know about too many details for essay writing tasks. On the other hand, if you are a poor student, then you manifestly need assistance for essay writing tasks.

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