Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) are those cells which scientists obtain from embryos. These cells are not transformed into organelles or any other tissues. They are in undifferentiated form when they are extracted, but they have the ability to fully develop and form epidermal layers and other tissues.


Stem cells of the embryo are different from the stem cells of the adult in this way that they can grow into all different types of cells that exist in an adult, while adult stem cells can only give rise to certain types of cells. The reason embryonic stem cells are being used for research work and to make medicines is because they can multiply in number by themselves without any limit if proper conditions are Dissertation Hub Writing Service given.


Those who are strongly against the idea of using embryonic stem cells,, consider it no less than abortion as, the embryo is killed in the course of the procedure. According to their beliefs, the embryo is a living being and not just a mass of cells because it has everything it takes to grow into a human baby. For them, it makes no sense to kill a living human to make researchers to save lives in the future.

Human life is very precious and by bringing only the stem cells into use and throwing away the rest of the embryo, it seems as if the importance of the human life is getting lost somewhere. Religious bodies highly reprove of this idea. Another valid point why they call it useless is because in almost all the treatments and surgeries the stem cells extracted from adults are being used, so Dissertation Hub Writing Service  there arises no need in the first place to even think of extracting embryonic stem cells.

Others, who think that there is nothing wrong with this practice, label an embryo as a non-living being as it was not outside of the mother”s body until its extraction. For them, only fully developed born baby is capable of being a living organism. They bring forth the argument that there a number of diseases prevailing in the world, which are costing both health and money, hence, the worry related to killing a life by destroying an embryo, is not strong enough a reason to halt this practice. Furthermore, they say that embryos are no more than the remaining of in-vitro fertilization destined for getting Dissertation Hub Writing disposed of sooner or later, so it is more sensible to rather make use of it. Following diseases could be cured by stem cell research:

  • Alzheimer”s
  • Repairing damaged organs
  • Parkinson”s disease
  • Could help children born with incomplete or immature organs.
  • Heart diseases

Scientists should think of better alternatives than stem cell research. Ethics is the first thing to be taken notice of before proceeding with any researches. The cons of stem cell Writing  Dissertation Hub Service research weigh heavier; hence it is not a good idea to continue its use. He is a content marketer who has previously worked as a lead editor in a newspaper. He is extremely passionate about helping everyone through his writing services.