As a child gains conscious he always hears about the importance of education. For many of us, education means the knowledge we gain at the school, college or university. But it is not so, because we will be talking about the formal education only then. An individual keeps on learning as soon as he is born. He learns from his family, surroundings, society, experiences, and at the institutes. The learning process continues till his death.

What does a complete individual mean?

But the importance of formal education can not be ignored as well. The people who attend schools, and those who haven’t will see the life from two very different perspectives. The education plays a vital role in shaping an individual’s personality and mentality. Education transforms an individual and developed him into something better. In short, education makes an individual complete. But what does it actually mean, and what is a complete individual, its what this article is going to answer.

The answer might vary from person to person but for me, a complete individual is someone who leads a balanced life. He or she knows the difference between good and bad, material and immaterial worlds, satisfied of his physical and mental state. Who can enjoys whatever he possesses to the fullest.  He is confident enough to take his decisions independently. Hence, the individual not only is self-sufficient, but also a productive and active member of the society.

What part education plays in making an individual complete:

We are living in a materialistic world today where the level of education makes a person intelligent, respectable, and honorable and a gentleman. A person who has higher degree is offered better jobs and salaries. Only he has the right to enjoy all the things where, on the other hand, an illiterate or less educated person is deprived of his basic rights. So, education here completes an individual up to an extent because we need money to meet our basic needs and make a place in the society.

But education is more than just an economic way to earn more money. It is a process through which mind of an individual is opened towards different fields and then he is trained for something specific that interests and attracts him. That is the reason that education is not limited to few areas, but is basically a vast term. Every person derive his own meaning and act accordingly.

We see many things and incidents around us on daily basis but usually pay very little attention because to think about something deeply needs knowledge. And this knowledge comes from education. We an individual is exposed to different things, it opens up his mind and just make a way for him to dig deep. It also enables him to come out of the darkness into the light where he starts recognizing and acknowledging things.

Education is not just about academics, reading books, learning things by heart, sit in the exam and pass the paper. It actually teaches an individual how to interact with different minds, how to behave in offensive situations, how to build trust relationships, etc. The character and personality of an individual is build up of his education and educational experiences as well. The individuals are exposed to the world when he joins school, before that he was living with his family only and where almost everything was of his nature. But as soon as he joins school, he starts learning about society, dos and don’ts, behavior, etc.The world where we are born, live and will die, unfortunately does not allow us to experiment with our abilities. You have to fight hard if you want to do something extraordinary or out of the track. If you are strong enough to fight the battle, and face the society and all the oppositions, then you need to be specialized in the field you want to opt for. You need to have solid proofs and answers to convince them. And only education enables you as an individual to specialize and gain expertise.

It also helps in growing an individual’s mind because the education patterns are designed to enable an individual think critically and logically. Mind is a complex cognitive system which is taught by education how to think, how to take decisions and what is wrong or right.

Summing up the topic, the above discussion has thus proved that education is something that makes an individual complete by enabling him to be responsible, honorable, intellectual, independent, critical, logical.

Author’s Biography

Anne Joseph is the author of this article. She holds a degree in Cognitive Psychology. She is a therapist as well as Dissertation Assistance | Dissertations Hub an active writer.