Finding talented people working remotely for companies is no more a common sight in today”s world. Gradually, companies have opted this new trend to employ people residing in other cities and countries. To manage a remote team is a struggle in itself and requires some actual tips and tricks. Having done this right, the company will benefit by saving transport cost for employees and setup cost for a whole new office. The geographic constraints are eliminated when companies hire remote workers solely based on their skills and talent. Studies say that as compared to those workers who go to office physically, telecommuters feel happier, have more productivity rate and also, are more dedicated to their work and loyal to their companies” reputation. With so many benefits, there is no need to think why more and more companies are moving to hiring remote workers.

The management of remote workers does not differ immensely with that of their counterparts who attend office daily. If the communication tempo is maintained with consistency, then there is hardly any chance of mismanagement. To optimize the experience of your remote workers, let us consider the following guidelines.

The tools needed by the remote workers

You need to have a proper tool to provide your employees so that they don”t find any issues accessing files, deadlines, instructions, reminders, updates, news etc. Take help with applications like Asana to track your remote team”s progress and stay in contact with them continuously. It will help to increase the potential output of every team member. For the purpose of file sharing, Google Drive and Dropbox are great tools. It is better not to use emails to transfer files as they are unreliable and the file can get lost. Also, the employees can go through a lot of trouble to find which is the updated version of a file you have sent with the changes made.

A culture of your company

You must have some core values attached to your company. You should not compromise on your company”s culture. When the remote employees understand your terms and method of working fully, a sense of loyalty to the organization arise within them. You should make a document with all the cultural values written precisely on it. It should communicate well for you to every employee, new or old, about what they are expected of doing, how their performance is going to be measured and evaluated, on what grounds the employees will be tested in terms of them being fit for the culture of the company and other similar things.

Leave no ambiguity in your communication

As the employees are based remotely, they cannot come to you over and over again to clear any misconception about any project or task. Therefore, you as a manager should make sure that whatever you communicate with them is pretty comprehensible to them and that they are left with no confusions. For this, you may ask several questions from them related to the task. Discover newer methods of communication that work more effectively.

Go for video calls

Although audio calls and emails or chats are recommended for small and quick discussion with your employees but do not neglect the importance of video calls for the process. What visual expressions indicate, voice and messages fail to do so. If the employee might be having some problem, you will easily grab it, just follow and believe in your instinct, through the video call and ask him. Thus, your team management skill will improve.

There is so many applications software for this purpose which is absolutely costless, like Skype, Zoom and Google hangouts.

Promote camaraderie

Where some of the telecommuters enjoy themselves working alone and feel more motivated, others might not and might feel alone. To create a positive impact on team building, it is useful to use the water cooler channel on slack to allow interaction between the coworkers and therefore, promote teamwork spirit. There is a need for your employees to get to know each other on a personal level as humans apart from knowing each other merely as colleagues. Either set up a video conference call imitating a portal, that is on all the time, or allows fifteen minutes at the end of video calls for them to Dissertation Assistance give their personal updates.

 Respect your team members

There is no need to mention this point, but the reason it is being mentioned is that when workers are remotely operating, there is a higher chance to neglect their good work and forget to appreciate their consistent results. Only if you are very lucky, are you going to get workers who do not compromise the quality of work a single time? With a little praise and on-time payment, you can successfully win their hearts and earn yourself loyal team for life.


Jason Sean is the author of this blog post and he is an exceptional freelance writer and educationist.