If you want to earn money as a freelance writer online, then it is essential that you learn how to make a successful bid for online writing Dissertation. If you want to make a successful bid online, then you should look at several important elements. Employers look at some factors while hiring an online writer to write Dissertation for them. Here are those factors:

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews of your previous work must be persistently good if you want to make a successful bid for online writing Dissertation. If your ratings are good, then you can make a higher than the normal bid, and be flamboyant that you will be hired. If you are starting an online writing business despite your skills and abilities, and you have no reputation; then it is a good idea to start with a bid that is lower than others. This will give you a chance to get hired and start building your reputation.

The Bid Amount

The ideal bid for writing a Dissertation is neither too high nor too low. Your bid must be on target with the average rate for the Dissertation. The average rate for writing Dissertation should be $1 to $2 per 100 words. In the current and down economy, bids of $0.05 and $ 1 per 100 words are considered acceptable.

Delivery Time

Clients will normally let you inform when they want to deliver their pieces of work. When you have made your bid, then you must also indicate that you can complete the project in a timely manner to suit the needs of a client. The deadline that you give should be met if you want to satisfy the client in the first place.

Writing Portfolio

Employers will like to see your writing samples before considering you to write a Dissertation for them. This is a crucial point in the process of making a successful bid for an online writing project. Clients generally want to see links to your written work that is live on the internet and includes your byline. Random samples may not be approved by the clients. If you do offer a link to clients to see your pieces of work, then it is good, otherwise, you should create the links to your pieces of work.

Making a successful bid for an online writing Dissertation should include a few basic qualities. First of all, you should make an honest bid. Secondly, you should be able to achieve everything that you promise that you will accomplish if you are selected for the project. Most importantly, your bid should be clearly written and must reflect what the writer will do to accomplish the task. You must display a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the client’s project if you want to get the project of the client. You should not boast about your skills and the way you do your work. Talk about your achievements and qualifications, but do not make superhuman claims about your skills and accomplishments. It will help you bid successfully to win the client’s project.


You should remember to keep the points discussed in this article in the front of your mind while you are making a bid for writing a project online. Follow these guidelines and successful bids will become a standard for your online writing business.

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